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Thread: Can't login after hitting Santuary Chamber boss

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    Can't login after hitting Santuary Chamber boss

    Hi all,

    I hit Chamber Fallen One boss so many times. Sometimes I found FC while hitting the boss but I can relog. But not today. After hitting the boss, I got FC and then I can't relog anymore. When I start to login, the screen will blank and then stopped. Tried to clear the cache and even reinstall the game but I still can't login to the game anymore.

    I can login to other server (S100) normally without any problem at all.

    Any suggestion for this issue will be very appreciated. Thank you.

    Server S94

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    Have heard of a few more people having this issue myself. It would show them logging in and 10-15 seconds after it would show they logged off. Another server or using another character worked fine. They weren't able to log in until next day or after sanc closed, wasn't sure which as I didn't ask. Best bet is to do a ticket on it and report it. Chances are you might not get in until tomorrow though.
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