Wartune is one of those games where you have to be logged in hours and hours everyday in order to remain competitive. This is good, because it means the consumers will use the app a lot. The bad side is that the game kills battery life. I started playing Wartune for a few days on my phone, and already my phone cannot handle running Wartune numerous hours everyday. I like being able to play Wartune on the phone, because I can play it while sitting down anywhere or while laying in bed. But since the app kills phone's battery, I started playing the app on an emulator on PC, especially for when I am afk farming in places like sylph atoll or sanctuary. It requires a lot of battery life to leave the game on 3 or 4 hours at a time to go afk farming, so I just afk farm on PC, which can handle battery usage much better than phone.

My biggest issue with using emulator on PC is the QTE (+25% damage) feature when using skills. I have touch screen computer, but QTE registers really poorly on my touchscreen computer, does not work nearly as well as on the phone. Using mouse to perform the QTE sucks too, since mouse cursor movement can be off or erratic especially if you are playing a bad table surface. I tried using numbers 1,2,3 on my keyboard, but it doesn't work for the app's QTE. I tried using arrows left,right, down, up, but that doesn't work for the app's QTE neither.

Obviously, if numbers 1,2,3 and arrows left,right,down,up doesn't work on emulator QTE, then that is not Gaea Mobile's issue, that is issue with the emulator. But I think it hurts Gaea's growth if players who want to play on emulator cannot perform a basic feature like QTE properly. There will be players who want to use emulator because the app uses too much battery life, especially in afk farming where you have to be logged on for hours. But they will find that the QTE feature on emulator limits them from using a skill to its fullest potential, and this will turn them away from continuing to play the game.

I think it will be amazing if emulators can give the option to do QTE with numbers 1,2,3 or arrows left,right,down,up on PC keyboard, but I don't know if it's possible that Gaea can make this happen. I know PC version of wartune uses arrow keys for QTE, I have played it years ago, but since the app has been redeveloped into mobile version, I don't know if its possible to make usage of numbers or arrow keys on emulator version.