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Thread: Introduction patch 8.0 - sylph equipment invocation

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    Exclamation Introduction patch 8.0 - sylph equipment invocation

    Hello fellow Heroes of Balenor

    With Patch 8.0 on the horizon a brand new feature will be introduced to make your sylphs even more powerful and dangerous:


    1. Available for all sylph equipment
    2. Alchemy has different levels: minor, intermediate, advanced, Master and Virtuoso. Formulas need to be learned for advanced,
    Master, and Virtuoso
    3. You will get random effects within a given range.
    4. Old effects will be replaced by the new.
    5. Invocation effects persist after equipment upgrade


    Get ready to improve your Sylphs to a higher level!!!

    Stay tuned for more introductions to come!


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    Not to brag but is there more?

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    There is, give them another week, they are trying to stretch it out as far as possible.
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    Eine weitere Woche ist jetzt verstrichen...
    Zitat: Geben Sie ihnen eine weitere Woche.
    Ich Frage mich, wieviele Wochen wir verbleibenden aktiven Spieler noch warten sollen 😒

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    Quick question

    Hurrah! Looks like something is coming. Is there ANY possibility of a time frame??? Any at all?

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    wie lange und was is mit dem heiligtums bugg

    Was is denn mit dem Heiligtum viele stecken denn ganzen tag fest und wie lange wird die Wartung anhalten ?

    Zudem wann kommt denn das cross over mpd wieder

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    So after a year, we finally have info on update. I'll wait patiently till Xmas 2022 to see it being released.

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    Cool sylph skill forget

    Since u guys r introducing invocation for sylph equip u can help us forget sylph skills using bb as in pc version. It is too costly to switch skills randomly for every sylph till we get right ones. especially for odin we r spending 20k plus cost for skills if we forget a 15k skill we need spend nthr 15k . So it wud be nice for all if we can forget sylph skill
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    Sylph forget skill

    I like this feature if it is being introduced. Cant get odins skills right up til now

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