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Thread: Re: regarding lack of events

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    No events

    Hi. Seems all servers look like that there is no activity at all from Gaea? No events, no trade in RT from latest event. Someone now what?s going on??

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    We are told that events will be back soon. Please be patient.
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    Event center is gone

    Is the game over? Could we have a little transparency on the plan here, please? There is legitimately very little reason to play the game right now. Any answers would be helpful rather than the usual radio silence we are growing accustomed to. Let me know that something came up and you didn't have a backup plan. I think most of us can live with that. Tell me somebody won more than 100 Merlins tokens from a madness chest and you are trying to fix the glitch. Whatever. Tell us SOMETHING. Please and thank you.
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    Many players are disinterested and thinking about dropping this game in favor of others. Even just a communication from Gaea/ KBN Team would be welcomed that would include a time frame for when we can expect comps back. We don?t even have a Merlin?s Madness this weekend. Please let us know what?s going on, Gaea!

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    Events missing

    What's wrong Gaea the two ppl quit that answered questions with questions and didn't resolve anything???
    We need an answer!!?
    We come online to no events we spent a whole day with no events horn!!!
    We need campaign updated and wheel, Merlin's, and Round Tower!!!
    We like gems but y'all going to have to dig deep for this one!!!
    People are getting bored coming online with nothing going on!!!
    All we can do is camp and it blows too!!!
    Please update us on what's going on ASAP

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    Still no news from Gaea ,no update about the events sins 06-12 whats happening moderators are you trying to bored us to quit the game or what.

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    Still no events, that must be close to two weeks, no official notification has been sent out, which is extremely poor on Gaea part. I hope we are going to be well compensated for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucks129 View Post
    Still no events, that must be close to two weeks, no official notification has been sent out, which is extremely poor on Gaea part. I hope we are going to be well compensated for this.
    Moderator posted already that the KBM events guy is out on a family long or alternate plans weren't disclosed.

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    No Events

    Patience is wearing thin time to hire someone else. Contact Chill he's the Bomb.

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    Re: regarding lack of events

    While we appreciate the Grail fragments in the daily login, and the 30 stamina for 1 squire hourglass, I think you folks are missing the point. How in the world are you explaining this by 1 person having to leave? Was this person running the entire game? Because as of right now, there is no game. Period. And 400k Grail frags helped pretty much nobody. 30 stamina isn't doing squat either. The lack of tournaments or things to do is causing people to quit literally every day. It is a mass exodus. And with so little people remaining in the first place, it seems like a problem. And still, no transparency. Just a little email that says somebody quit. Not sure you've worked the business world before this endeavor, but to the players that have invested their time and money in this game, that's what that amounts to. A memo that says somebody quit. And we don't care anymore. Our most hopeful thoughts go out to this person in their horrible time, but the fact is you are running a business. Figure it out. It's not our problem.

    Some ideas, if anybody cares:
    1. Give us some compensation. Not the usual 100 gems either. Make it right. Figure it out.
    2. Once tournaments are regular again, make beat the boss a 2 hr tournament, and run it constantly. Nobody wants to kill this stupid thing for 6 hours. Give us 12 btb a day and make it constant. We all need frags. And we need more than 400k over 2 days.
    3. Get rid of the accounts that have been inactive for 12 months or more. With the introduction of the resource boxes, farms are almost obsolete. I don't care how bad people want to whine about their farms, this game left that behind when lanterns went away. Let the haters hate. Farms are obsolete.
    4. Make porting an actual thing or realize it didn't work and scrap it. I ported. It worked for me. But, if you want to funnel people to new worlds, quit kicking the can and just make some merge worlds and call it a day. 90% or more of the people in the world I ported from are unable to port because you gave us 2 worlds to port to and everyone had accounts in both and weren't able to join in. That's ridiculous.
    5. Give a crap about your game. Build a better business model that's not just 1 person and a bunch of mods with no answers. If you can't do that, quit and tell us that you did. No more 1 day every week 3 tourneys and hope, then we have the rug pulled up from under us. WE ARE YOUR INVESTORS.
    6. Hire Chill.

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