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Thread: Event center is gone

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    Event center is gone

    Is the game over? Could we have a little transparency on the plan here, please? There is legitimately very little reason to play the game right now. Any answers would be helpful rather than the usual radio silence we are growing accustomed to. Let me know that something came up and you didn't have a backup plan. I think most of us can live with that. Tell me somebody won more than 100 Merlins tokens from a madness chest and you are trying to fix the glitch. Whatever. Tell us SOMETHING. Please and thank you.
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    Many players are disinterested and thinking about dropping this game in favor of others. Even just a communication from Gaea/ KBN Team would be welcomed that would include a time frame for when we can expect comps back. We don?t even have a Merlin?s Madness this weekend. Please let us know what?s going on, Gaea!

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    Events missing

    What's wrong Gaea the two ppl quit that answered questions with questions and didn't resolve anything???
    We need an answer!!?
    We come online to no events we spent a whole day with no events horn!!!
    We need campaign updated and wheel, Merlin's, and Round Tower!!!
    We like gems but y'all going to have to dig deep for this one!!!
    People are getting bored coming online with nothing going on!!!
    All we can do is camp and it blows too!!!
    Please update us on what's going on ASAP

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