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    New Giveaway

    Enter for a chance to win! This week we're changing it up! You could win Hero's Renown/ Glory and tokens! Depending on the winners' server you could win several levels of renown paired with different tokens, as some renown is not allowed on all servers! Winners will be chosen June 20th (one week from today) All you need to do is leave a comment on this thread stating if you could change one thing about the game to make it better what would it be? Remember constructive feedback is key. If you are rude your comment will be deleted and you will be disqualified.

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    If i could change one thing it would be customer relations. I feel that the lack of actually playing the game means that support doesnt appreciate the loss a glitch causes and if they did they would offer more suitable compensation and push development to find permanent fixes to improve playability. After all a game that runs flawlessly is more enjoyable to play than one in which you are continually having errors.

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    I'd change....

    If I could change somethin.... I'd change the way to get improvements for the cities.... I'd make it a little bit easier because it seem that to get them you will need an eternity or two lol

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    Maybe a new city, something that keeps everyone engaged on a daily basis. My alliance seems to do ok doing our busy work, but we have a good leader. I'm just thinking about something that could keep people in the game instead of moving on.

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    What would I change

    If I could improve the game, it would be to keep the prize wheels up all the time. The reason is during off srasons, it would be alot easier to aquire troops and needed items. More often than not,the prizes arent so good and the platnium chest seems to something you cant ever get..its like the white rabbit, lol.

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