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Thread: Santuary auto attack problem

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    Santuary auto attack problem

    Has any one else experiencing lag or delay while in santuary with auto attack? Sometimes my character just stays idle or I get a message player already in battle
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    So one one else has problems in santuary? or do people don?t play this piece of *** game anymore
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    Others have experienced it. Is a common problem with the lag etc. With the lack of communication or acknowledgement from gaea that it's even a problem, it's safe to say no one cares because the game is going downhill anyways.

    One tip though, make sure you see sanctuary chat. If you enter sanc and don't see chat going on, it's bugged and you have to exit and reenter until you see chat. Once you see chat, the hanging and other issue you mentioned seems to be alot less. Another gaea problem that they've failed to still fix but it's only been a year, have to give them until 2020 to fix it.
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