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    World Ports

    More than a few questions since this became available this morning. First, my options are to go to 133 and 143 from 119. I have an account in 143 which has zero might, but on the migration screen, this is still available to me. As per the rules, I'm not supposed to be able to migrate there. Or, am I misinterpreting this and the 143 existing account will be deleted upon migration? Also, how will troops killed rank work? Along those same lines, what about city siege and all the others? Will my numbers stay intact after migration? Will the world's I can port to change from time to time? Will I be able to migrate again later if I migrate now? Sorry, just all a bit overwhelming and not a whole lot of information. Thanks.

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    What world are you in?

    It sounds like merging accounts is not allowed this time. When worlds merged previously, merging accounts was allowed.

    Any chance you can screen shot the 'rules' and post?

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    World ports are still a new feature, as you know, and this is just the initial testing phase. In answer to your specific questions:
    1) You can only port to a world in which you do not already have an account. The select a world screen gives you the options currently available from your world. If you tried to select 143 even though you have an account there already, you would get an error message.
    2) We expect the number of options of worlds to which you can port will increase in the future.
    3) Your scores on the rankings will travel with you to the new world. Where you place in the new world may change, depending on the scores of others there. Your scores will be removed from the rankings in your old world about a week after you port, and your account will be removed from that world at that time as well
    4) Yes, you will be able to port again. There is a 7-day cooldown period, but after that you can port, once migration is active on that world.
    5) Gaea hopes to offer an option to port to a world in which you already have an account in a future phase of world ports.
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