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Thread: Isle of Tribes Event

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    Isle of Tribes Event

    Dear gaea. Why do you create an event that is almost impossible to complete for the average working person?? You start the event half way through a day. (Delphi Realm) and the countdown to to turn tokens to shards then starts more than halfway through the first day. There is a day and 13 odd hours left to complete this event and i can see that i cannot make it.
    It is non-sensical to create an event that one has little to no chance of completing. What i dont understand the most is why this even needs to be said. The development team should have thought of this in the beginning stages of creating the event.
    Another screw up by a team of non gamers who havent a clue what happens when an event is designed.

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    I completely and whole heartedly agree because not all players spend in order to play the game and I have found myself in the predicament where I won't be able to finish getting all of my tokens turned into shards and I find that to be royally messed up especially since the countdown timer started well before the isles even showed up

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