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Thread: Increase Providence Cap by 100k

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    Increase Providence Cap by 100k

    Currently the Guild mark max at once for the providence wheel, is 200k. I feel like this is too low considering how long it takes to use those guild marks. I could have 200k maxed right now, and another 200k in mail. By the time i use those guild marks, all that resource that would've been useful has been deleted from my mail. We dont all have time to sit around at the end of the week and spend two hours tapping away. Increase the cap higher than 200k or somehow add a blitz or auto feature to using up your guild marks whilst still getting the benefits.

    Also, is the points system that comes with it broken? Maybe im being nooby but I?ve used over 1mil guild marks and have 0 points to use in the providence shop lol.

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    200k is plenty. You dont receive 200k guild mark every week. If you dont use up what you receive weekly you will keep maxing out no matter what the limit will be.

    As for your points, spend balens instead of guild marks and you will start building up points.

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