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Thread: Why are hot events not moving forward?

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    Angry Why are hot events not moving forward?

    Considering all these updates from MONTHS ago, I am still so surprised that Hot Events have not be adapted to suit new functions and items introduced into the game, slowing player progress down. Or why basic events haven?t been changed to suit the increased availability of certain items, making the benefits minimal of those events which should be very helpful. For example mount training whips, whilst many players may have maxed stable or dont find it useful at their stage in the game, there are still many players who do. Why is the max whips used required for benefits only 6k? 6k whips is peanuts for many players these days, thanks to Providence and the mount hoof exchange. Just one example, It effects Player growth from lv30 to 40, as in players have to wait so much longer to use all the whips theyve gathered so they can max their stable and gain access to the advanced stable, just to grab those extra gems and returns from the event. It should be raised twice as high, or similar to enchantment events, an unlimited event should be introduced. Also, once players Do max their stable after god knows how long of waiting to use their whips, there is no events whatsoever for using golden whips. You can add an Advanced Mahra event but not a Golden whip event, similar to the current Mount Training Whip Event? In my opinion the normal mount training whip event should be raised to using 12k max for the event, and a new using 6k max golden whips for the event, that advanced stable event could give soul seals and mount hoofs in its returns instead of gems. i have a lvl30 toon with potentially over 200,000 whips saved up and 25 normal mounts, excluding the 30,000 golden whips and first 3 advanced mount shards I have. If I levelled up do you know how long I would have to wait to max my normal stable and use my golden whips or activate my adv stable mounts?. you could try to increase the speed players can happily use their mount whips to reach the advanced stable, and introduce events to slow progress down from their if thats what you want.

    If my suggestion is flawed, chip away at me. Any interactions on here would be great.

    Forums these days seem dead, where is Everyone? I still have a stickie on forums from like two years ago stuck on here. We need to be more active so Gaea can see what we want, and hopefully they take notice.
    - Also are there Synthesis events for dual gems? BR Gain Events? Theres so many options and opportunities for events to be introduced. I checked into a new pc server the other day and there was 30 active hot events, maybe 5 we wouldnt be able to have and 10 we already have now and then.

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    No one is active on this sh!t heap because there is no response from gaea or the sad sack mods. The game is slowly dying, Gaea isn't introducing any new events. Look how long the new update has been delayed over and over. More lag and disconnects then ever before and general glitches that they seem unable or unwilling to fix. Even without that, I cant see a golden whip event unless they increase the advance mount training level as it doesn't take long to max adv stables. Agreed, there is a lot they can do to speed up character development, but they don't want to do that because then they will have to create more content for players of higher br. Im guessing that is why the focus on new servers and sh!t, this way they already have 4yrs of content for new players while the old servers and players get shafted.

    Sincerely a player waiting to see what update brings before quitting

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