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Thread: Missing bunnies in lunette Saturday

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    Missing bunnies in lunette Saturday

    Will there be compensation for the missing bunnies in lunette on Saturday March 31. Several ppl in 128 did not get bunnies in their jackpots and wondering when this will be resolved. Thanks

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    Gaea will not be providing compensation since the wheel description was accurate, and players received the advertised prizes. Bunnies were not listed in the content for that wheel, even though there was a collector's event running at the time. The wheel contents have since been updated so any jackpots which are still in your inventory should have bunnies, even though they were not part of the wheel prizes that day.
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    So how is that fair that if you opened them on Monday you received a collectible but if you opened them Saturday or Sunday you did not. If the prizes were accurate then no one opening them Monday should have received a collectible. That is a major issue if we are sticking to the prizes we?re accursye theme. It seems like gaea is playing an unfair game and you just admitted to such. Therefore, I could just save jackpots for weeks and wait to open during an event to receive more collectibles because gaea will update the jackpots for me. Will be doing that since gaea will not provide compensation to those who played fairly by opening them the day of it just after. Thanks for this great info. Saving jackpots from here on out.

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