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Thread: question - "item amazing exchange"

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    Question question - "item amazing exchange"

    Hi admin.., my nickname Zulfikar, knight S97. I see at S1 to S99 already launch "item amazing exchange 3.0" but not for S97, why..? or only me not see its..? For you know, i am also play on S1, S5, S93 to S100. please fix our (S97) problem, cause we need to exchange some item to get more strongerst. or maybe admin ( wartune team ) have a plann for S97. sorry, my english is bad. Thanks

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    Late response sorry maybe this helps

    Hi, sorry nobody responded. Im not too sure, have you still not got the event? And are you sure s98-101 dont have it either, I think it takes a couple of months before it is introduced. And sometimes it comes and goes for all servers.

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