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Thread: St.Patrick event

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    St.Patrick event

    Where is the famous irish luck in your event gaea? I have done 512 summons and got NONE of the 7 stars cards,on top of that i opened 512 chests to get 21 centaur shards and 12 gaheris shards.
    Why you run events like this? Just to have a laugh? I have lost my faith in your game

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    I've used many and many clovers, and I got thousand 5*
    I've opened many and many chest of St patrick, and i got all the shards, except Hanzo, Gaheris and centaur...

    what irony, my first name is Patrick , and this event in my honor is a real disaster, but i m not surprised !

    I know, I haven't spent money, that's the reason why I made a breeding of 5*

    Long life GAEA.

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    Wasting time

    I spent only about 80, and also no 7*. I stop joining leaf arena and lost interest to joint EMBARASSING Event. They humiliate name of st Patrick because they are Chinese. Just my opinion.

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    The worst event ever. Really awful. Thanks for nothing, Gaea.

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    Angry El Peor Evento Que han podido hacer GAEA

    Donde esta la supuesta suerte ST. Patricio de 400 Tr?bol que saque solo me dieron un Hanzo, Leviat?n, que Burla es esa para los jugadores. D?as largo jugando Evento para que salgan con eso.

    La verdad ya no dan ganas de jugar este juego con tanto atropello y injusticia con los jugadores.

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