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Thread: game update

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    game update

    heya all we normally have a game update around about this time of year any news of something being added?? just a simple yes/no answer will be fine thx :-)

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    I dont know what is happening but Could you guys please respond to a simple question? Heavy cashers are quitting and we get no response at all?!?!? Wth is happening over there gaea? I would really like to have Some answers too About anything...

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    Totally agree, we are kept in the dark about everything. I often wonder if anyone in the know actually use forum as it?s mainly full of spam now adays. Update is due but no information on What is coming in The update, or estimated time of availability, actually makes one wonder if this so called update actually exsist.

    Come on Gaea gives us a reason to stay and not leave like so many have already. Unless this is your intention of course..... do nothing and the game will eventually die on its own.

    So much in game needs much available that Gaea could do to the game..... but they choose to do nothing......just again makes you wonder why?

    Does hero?s assembly still exist??? Any active member still a member? Is there no one available for comment?...... so sad

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