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Thread: Rss manufacturing (duping)

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    Rss manufacturing (duping)

    Rss Glitch a viable part of the game helped everyone and hurt nobody
    Well my 2 cents which might only be worth 1 cent even if they fix gw to run flawlessly with the rss glitch fixed which in my opinion helped 90% of players and allies and have yet to see one plausible negative to the game in any line group 50% or more players who can't heal t5 and merc troops as many allies with that rss won't play gw unless a way to make the glitch a part of the game which almost every alli had at least one player who could double and it was a challenge just like campaign, or drop healing costs in half otherwise the amount of rss needed to heal troops for gw is not in any way available, small players won't $ for troops so those who did $ are not and that is $ out of Gaea pocket. I still love this game as I did 4 years ago when I joined at the birth of 102 and EpicDestruction has been a place where there is team work and old school fun. The best part for me was getting all the troops healed right after gw with smaller players first so players felt good and smaller players do $ to add to what camp might give up to compete but without the ability to heal which made it possible to compete with us stronger players helped nut our hourly ac activity is down now and I'll bet we're not the only one and if players feel cheated on a glitch taken away that was not easy to do just like camp took patience and did benefit 90% of the players,it hurt no one you can admit it but like it or not the alt cheaters which still run rampant Gaea took away a fun part of the game many enjoyed but geez what good is my beast load knight that with Lynette and lady bran asinged could grab 120b now she will just set around and get fat,but because Kabam did nothing with the rss glitch and Gaea did nothing for a year it became a part of the game just as challenging as campaign is and fir those who understand camp ratios in campaign you can fir the most part determine which prize you want to drop very challenging, rss healing glitch same challenges, you had the 30 sec march and had to figure in server lag and exact timing to get a win lol the speed hit you had to factor in device you used and lag time not easy but open for those who had a lot of patience but then you figure in those who had and still were spending $ to lvl up load knight $ on madness for Lynette and lady bran and $ on dust so way I see it from Gaea end the fix stopped $ being spent in a part of the game that rss glitch had become so bring back this part of the game making it a challenge as with camp

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    Rss Duping provided all players the option to contribute to their alliances

    The rss glitch was a great part of the game that aloud players to contribute to their alliance by becoming valued healers, these players commanded huge respect and gratitude from heir piers. The los of rss duping has cause a lot of these wonderful players to leave the game in frustration as they cannot contribute in this positive manner. I can also say that many gemmers have also left and/or do not spend as much. This certainly must have hurt the games bottom line. The rss glitch only enhanced the game. Patching the rss glitch has hurt the game and will be a down fall for the developers. Rss are running out and interest is dwindling.

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