Greetings Ladies and Lords of the North!

Welcome to Camelot Valentine's Events! Jewel 17 are available now!

The celebration starts from now and will end on Feb 22.
Participate in daily events and make good choice in mini games to collect Valentine Teddy, Valentine Chocolate and Valentine Bouquet. Use them to claim Jewel 17 Chests and other great rewards in Round Tower!

How to get Jewel 17:
Collect Jewel 17 Token from Jewel 17 Platinum/Gold/Silver Chests. Use 4 Jewel 17 Tokens to claim Jewel 17 Ruby/Sapphire, and use 1 Jewel 17 Token to claim Jewel 17 Emerald/Diamond.
Collect Jewel 17 Shard from Jewel 17 Bronze Chests. Use 300 Jewel 17 Shards to claim Jewel 17 Token.

Hope you enjoy the event! Good Luck!

KBN Team