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Thread: This Weekends Collection Mania!

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    This Weekends Collection Mania!

    I'm confused.

    Isn't today February 5?

    And UTC time at posting of this thread is 16:35.

    And there is only 64 hours left on Event Center. 3 days left implies 72 hours, no?

    So why has a new event started with Roses?

    And then there is the Wheel with Roses available in the grand prize until 09:00 UTC on Feb 6th.

    Roses Collection Event.jpg

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    Just discussing this

    We were just wondering the same thing as some missed the last beat the boss thinking the events had ended. And now a new ATK 7 hours after the event was scheduled to end, or at least when we were told it would end.
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    This Weekends Collection Mania!


    The weekend is over! It's long past 2/5 @ 9 UTC and you're still launching events! Incompetent much? Get it together over there

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