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Thread: About illegal items on 178, 179, Classic 1 and 2 [latest update]

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    About illegal items on 178, 179, Classic 1 and 2 [latest update]

    [EVD] About illegal items [latest update]

    (If you didn't get any illegal items and weren't attacked by anyone who had illegal items after Feb 1, 14:00 UTC, you don't need to read this thread)

    Greetings Hero,

    Due to technical failure some players on world 178, 179, Classic 1 and 2 have obtained illegal items and caused damage to others. We've fixed the technical issue and will do the following to make sure the illegal items are removed and the damage caused could be healed WITHOUT maintenance:

    1) First we will do roll back for those players who've obtained illegal items. To perform this action we have temporarily banned their accounts and will lift the ban as well as send compensation afterwards.
    2) After rolling back these players, we will find those victims who were damaged by them, and do a rollback for them as well, so that their troops, items etc could be restored.
    3) After the whole process is done, we will send correct amount of Mirlith to those who've purchased Mirlith from Jan 31st, 17:00 UTC to Feb 2nd, 8:00 UTC to make sure these roll-back spenders didn't spend in vain.

    To avoid further damage, no event will be held on these 4 worlds before we fix the whole incident.

    EVD Team

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    Angry complete and utter incompetence

    Due to your complete and utter incompetence i have been banned, not only is this affecting the classic world is stopping me from getting on world 217. You will need to heavily compensate me on both worlds. Im betting the the roll rack will not go well as you cant seem to get anything right.

    I want all speeds and resourses used during the TOM replaced. I want all the rss taken from other players returned if you roll back the accounts. If i loose any resourses or troops while im banned these need to be repalced.

    FFS get thing right..!

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    If this mean youre taking back the gear won in the wheel thats not illegal as you say then I expect enough tauriel tokens to win back the same gear back and additional compasation for all the time and effort put in
    and please get your shiit together, this is getting ridiculous

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