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Thread: Opening of Server 100

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    Opening of Server 100

    Hello Community

    Awesome news to share:

    A Brand new realm will open his gates for Wartune
    Hall of Heroes!!!

    Server 100 EU

    It will be open tomorrow 09:00GMT

    So get ready for the fight to become Balenors Top warrior and meet a lot of new friends there )

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    Thumbs up omg

    jesus...are you stil the hooker for Gaea ?

    Posting that kind of text ?
    Become the top warrior.... you mean the top spender off course ........
    New servers never stand a change...unless they spend around 60,000 dollar minimum...within a month
    keep lying....

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    Who the fux cares!!!!

    Who the **** cares about new servers!? Why the **** can?t you cumquats fix the issues in the current servers before you keep adding to the problem? This is ridiculous, customer service drags out tickets even after numerous videos showing the issue. Lag and disconnects run rampant causing lost attempts. Spire nm has issues, can?t enter sylph arena on my iPhone. This game is completely ****ed and you dip****s just keep ignoring the problems and adding more issues. Fix the current problems but no you?re trying to suck more people into spending on this lag and glitch infested pile of ****

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    What's the hold up?

    I've stayed up all night waiting to be uid1 on this damn server it's past 9am gmt wtf release your sh!t in time

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    New server

    Please give us a new server before valentines day events

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