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Thread: Old items

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    Old items

    I cant sell the old reward items..if any1 knows how to get rid of those items tell here!

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    Old items cannot be sold but there are old item cleanup events which are posted every few months. Other solution would be to use all your contribution and dedication points, put the items you cannot sell in guild vault, abandon guild and join back; when you abandon a guild the items in the guild vault are sent to you by game mail - you can select only the items you need and delete the rest. (keep in mind there's a 48h cool down time before you can apply to join your guild again; this cool down period can be reset with covenant emancipation item that you can purchase from shop for 300 unbound balens).
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    Why there weren't exchange for "Key of courage"? It wasn't possible to exchange them alone for anything. I ask you: why don't you put prices on every item ingame?

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    Thank u for details RheA

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