more exchanges for lower tier collectibles. A few different chests with something like:

chest 1
2x jewel 15 token (what ever jewel is second highest at the time)
20x arcane crystal
3x gear elixir

chest 2
2x Banner 4 chest
2x Talisman 4 chest
20x gold hero medal pack

chest 3
1x Imperial Training for highest knight level
15x iron plackart
2x lvl hammer (whatever hammers are 3rd highest at the time)

and then individual gear pieces from the 4/5th youngest gear. So this comp Season 9 and divine guardian gear would be available instead of having a Season 9/divine guardian Armoury chest. No one wants to have multiple pieces of the weakest gear piece in the set. Let's face it, your random gear chests are heavily weighted to 'randomly' give the least valued piece.

When you put two plus weeks of effort into collecting these things, it would nice not to end up with 250 1 minute speeds and 50 15 minutes speeds at the end of it all.