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Thread: Round Tower Optimization with update to 19.2.0

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    Round Tower Optimization with update to 19.2.0

    While attempting to tap the 'claim' button multiple times for an item withe more than one claim, the item I am attempting to claim automatically scrolls away.

    So while I thought I was claiming Stamina Chests under the Grails tab, after 4 claims I ended up claiming seven Total Master Hammer Lv 12 chests. That sucks! Waste of grail fragments and not and an expected outcome after years of mindless taps on the 'claim' button.

    In addition, having the Special items all out of order (gear/chests i can claim not next to the similar gear/chest because i can't claim the next best one) makes it difficult plan a desired exchange outcome. Please consider rolling back the 'optimization'. It presents issues on multiple fronts.

    Any chance on a grail frag refund/exchange for the Lv 12 hammer chests?

    Bonz in 128

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    This issue has been resolved.
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