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    Hi, I didn't usually post here but thought it was about time as I'm a real long term player and I don't even want to log in at the moment. The only thing that keeps me popping back to the game is sylph arena, and although I may complete the odd other thing like sanctuary bosses, I can't figure out what I've got to play for.

    I spend regularly, but I couldn't afford the 20000 for Odin, and I certainly couldn't afford the 15000 per skill. Right now, with regular cashing, my 1.6 mill BR toon looks silly against the 2.5 million bunch, and I dread to think how non/light cashers must feel :-/

    You have some gaps to fill. We need the new fusion sylphs now, we need to be able to pick our sylph skills, we need to split lvl 80 battlegrounds into BR categories, we need regular non cash access to sylph equipment enchants, and we need to be able to get some return for divinity soul synthesis (and I mean divinity soul return - like make a level 4, get a level 2 back).

    Without these changes, the game is a cash pit, levelling the same things I always level, with events that we do all the time against the same people - even sanctuary hasn't got any decent stuff to buy - it's not even worth the farming etc..

    Come on Gaea, pick it up :-( otherwise you are going to lose long term customers like me and others I know :-/

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    I agree

    Yeah I'm from s98 so kinda fresh but I agree even doing bg by level is annoying especially during events I can't even get 1 kill theyes should just do bg altogether by br that's why most people camp levels so they can be bullies give us reason to level up gaea

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