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Thread: Servers merge 8.01.2018 !

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    Post Servers merge 8.01.2018 !

    Hello everyone,

    Wartune team is about to launch another servers merge !

    Servers in next group are about to get merged:

    Server 83 East + Server 86 East

    Time and date:

    EST 2018/01/08 3:00 - 6.00

    Merge compensation:

    Adv. Mahra *50
    Adv. Sepulcrum *50
    LV. 3 Bonus EXP Scroll *3
    Major Stamina Potion *5
    Bound Balens *100
    Rename Card *1
    VIP Card (7 Days) *1

    Please arrange your game process according to this information so it won't affect your game-play routine!

    Wartune Team

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    Maintenance server or bug

    Today I have messages for maintenances. But no message on forum for this. It s bug or real maintenances?

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    When is the new server coming in?

    I just need to know when is the server come in

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