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Thread: Ban sebastian_reign

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    Ban sebastian_reign

    There is a nasty and vulgar player on Gaea's World 275 that has threatened to kill players, rape them and their families. With made up alliances that reads...."I rape children" . This satanic follower's only function on Global Chat is to scream F U to everyone, to tell everyone to die and how he would like to kill everyone. Repeated communications to Gaea has gone unheeded. Despite Gaea's own rule and guide to chats, there has been nothing done to this offensive and sick individual.
    Several players that I have talked to has said that their emails to Gaea has also gone unanswered. Gaea has talked tough and tried to imply that the situation has been handled. Handled, it has not. Players has also contacted the local authorities as well as the FBI pertaining to this individual's specific threats. Because these communicated threats has crossed state jurisdictions, The FBI now has the responsibility to process this information.
    The responsible individual has been identified through clever strategy played on his alt's and its locations. With 95% certainty, the responsible individual is in the upper most levels of the top alliance.
    The individual in question is Sebastian_Reign. This loose cannon is not just vulgar and offensive but also guilty of harassment, cyber bulling, death threats, threats to rape children, individuals and other sickening things.
    Because Gaea has refused to deal with this problem player, and because the abusive player still has not been banned, players of several alliances are in agreement to discuss this violation on the public forums. By posting this on their own site, we the players of 275 are demanding that this person be removed from all worlds, his might stripped, his accounts terminated in 275 and the other Worlds. Should Gaea refuse to take action, the name of the player, his alliance in 275 and suspected alliances in other worlds will be revealed AND a posting on YOU TUBE WILL BE UPLOADED WITH ALL THE SCREEN SHOTS OF THIS PSYCHOTIC PERSON.
    This letter will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities including the FBI. Whether this individual is a huge coiner (pay to play) or a Gaea implant, we should be afforded a safe environment free of sociopaths and disturbed individuals.
    It is and has been Gaea's responsibility and legal obligation to deal with this disturbed individual. Clearly they are not capable or interested in solving this situation.

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    He has been banned multiple times, Please notify us if he returns.

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