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Thread: Bring Back a Few Things. (And Add new Features)

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    Post Bring Back a Few Things. (And Add new Features)

    Please. Bring Back the Old's Guild's Wars, Is so Bored this new Guild War, there are not difference to walking in the Quest, the Chiefs are the Defensors.

    And Bring back the Castle Siege Event. (If you dont know what is the castle siege Check this link --> )

    Add New Valor Tournaments

    Please Add a Feature where we can donate cards to players (Only in Guilds) I have a Lot of 7* Cards,
    What am I going to do with 100 Attila?

    They could also show us that they have us ready for 2018, and so get us some hype

    Happy New Year Gaea. :D

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    Thank you for your thoughtful and interesting suggestions. They will be shared with the developers.

    Happy New Year!

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