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Thread: Game crash. Unable To play

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    Game crash. Unable To play

    Im LVL 25 for now and im Unable To play since that ive attempt To change troops on my rally ground.
    Impossible To get info or changing kind of troops on any rally ground. The game crash at each time

    Ive restarted m'y Phone: still crash . ive reinstalled the game: still crash.

    Ive spent lot or money in this game...i want a complete refund. Ty

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    Same here fekking anoying

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    I got the same problem, can not change the troop.

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    Angry Same error for days now

    Customer support seems the same as with narcos.....

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    Hi everyone,

    The team is aware of the troop changing issue and is working on a fix. We apologize for the issues.

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