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    The prizes for the Christmas event just became available in the Round Tower and all I have to say is Wow Gaea. You guys made the PvP we just did completely worthless. We cant even get the gear yet because all we could get was tokens now we have to collect the items as well, and we didnt even get any Santas from the packs so we literally have to play the events in our home worlds which will get us the other collectibles as well. What were you guys thinking???? What was the point of pvp??? Literally anything we gained from it is completely worthless. Please try to understand have people play a game you must have a game worth playing. This is sad.

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    Totally agree, the way they playing this it makes me think that they are trying to make everyone down and shut this game down completely.

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    Either they want the game to die, hate paying customers, came up with this idea after drinking left over eggnog from last christmas they found in the basement...or all three. This shows nothing but utter contempt for the playing community. A new low has been found

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