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Thread: Not new just have some questions

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    Not new just have some questions

    Hello been playing the game for quite some time but feel like I am missing information. I know how to camp and gain br but I have some questions about guild skills and the kyanite skills. I am a mage lvl 35 br 17k. I was told that I shouldn't upgrade the strength guild skills or the p. Atk kyanite skill. While other players say it does improve br. I did upgrade my kyanite p atk and it did rise my be but is it unused br since mages don't use physical attack. Any other advise would be helpful like what three astrals I should strive for ect. I am going to be camping until 50k br

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    Patk alone won't give you any boost, but strength guild skill will give you 40 pdef per level. So 10 levels of strength give total of 400pdef. But I think it's better to upgrade astrals imo.

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    Hi there mr. future camper

    I myself am lvl36 and 80k br, but also 39 and 73k br. For 50k br i suggest you aim to fully socket each piece of lv30 equipment you have with at least lv5 gems. Also aim for 3 lvl6 red astrals or higher. Make sure your guild skills are maxed and you have maybe lv3 advanced guild skills. Use matk, hp and mdef gems and matk, mdef and pdef gems. Unless you want passive astrals. These will help you reach 50k br. Check my stickie for camping on new player forum for more info or msg me in game im on s24 and 80 under Rufino and Grathico/F?C?Grath

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    Not new just have some questions

    If the handguns are on the certified list, then you just do it like a normal transfer. If not, then it could be more of a problem and would have to something like mentioned above.

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