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Thread: Merry Christmas!

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    Merry Christmas!


    Merry Christmas!!!

    Hello Wartune Community! This weekend we start our Christmas celebration with many special events and presents!

    Events start on December 22nd. And last until 28th (last day of exchange event is 29th).

    We will hold two Christmas Exchange events. You can take a part using two exchange items ? Merry Christmas Box (less value) and Jingle Bell (bigger value).


    - Christmas exchange will allow you to exchange your Merry Christmas boxes to widely used items and some nice A quality clothes.
    - Advanced Christmas exchange will be giving many amazing items such as - S Christmas clothes, Christmas Snow Bear and many more

    1. Merry Christmas boxes you can get approximately 200 from free events. It will be always in the shop with a price of 35 balens. Merry Christmas box itself is an item and you can open it to win random rewards, so choose wisely


    2. Jingle bells you can get approximately 300 from free events. It will be in the shop 3 days before exchange events end, with 100 balens price and 50 limit per day = 150 in total in the shop ONLY.

    3. Recharge and spend events will be giving a decent amount of Jingle bells as well, so as Magic Pot.

    Our special Magic Pot will have a Christmas Snow Bear as a biggest reward, and many other useful items for you to test your luck!
    Spend and recharge events will provide you with a variety of beautiful clothing sets and strong mounts, as well as other useful items for the character developing.

    Moreover, do not miss out our Consecutive login event to get a Christmas Sleigh, and Christmas daily login events! Celebration packages are waiting for you there.

    Wartune Team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a lot of fun with the Special Christmas Events!

    *** Christmas Rewards Parade:

    alpha lion.jpgaquiarius.jpgchristmas A.jpg
    christmas S.jpgember.jpg

    sleigh.jpgsnow bear.jpgwhale.jpg
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    Awesome Roy, Now if only you can give some info regarding Odin skills.....

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    Exelent mery crismas!

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    ty for ruining our wartune xmas by holding titan wars at 2 am.

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    Not fair

    Idk how you expect server 98 to get anything or anywhere in bg when you make it impossible to keep up with everyone else and we get skipped on all the festivities and you deleted my first post to cover it up to everyone else

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    awesome xmas!!

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