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    How to increase exp in GK and how to get 8 STAR hero

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    Quote Originally Posted by donne View Post
    How to increase exp in GK and how to get 8 STAR hero
    Welcome to Heroes of Camelot. There are two ways to increase GK level - 1. Collect fruit baskets and Arthurian pies through completing daily requests (they are also available from the GK wheel and some arenas). Then, find the offerings in your inventory and select use. 2. Spend gems.

    As far as 8 star cards, the Christmas event is providing an opportunity to earn Celestial Lamorak. Read the information about collecting items to exchange for cards in game. There are occasional special events where players can earn or pay for cards. These are announced on Facebook and in game. I recommend joining a guild that accepts new players. Your guildmates will offer lots of tips and strategies.

    Good luck and have fun!

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