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    So I was a Kabam wartune pc veteran and have spent hundreds on that and if the mobile version is to my liking I plan to spend here as well I have an issue tho I have spent over 100 already trying to level up my clothes I don't know if it is a bug but every time I synthed it failed in game I spent 6900 balens just to have lvl 2 clothing can I be compensated or no? This happened to me on the pc and they gave me the balens back but I don't want the balens I just want my lvl 3 (preferably lvl 4) clothing.

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    Lv 2 clothing has 100% success rate if you use Lv1 clothing and a fashion core; I don't see why you would need to use another Lv1 clothing or spend 6900 balens to obtain a Lv2 clothing. For level 3 is a different story, but you should be able to obtain a lv 3 clothing from a lv2 + fashion core in a few tries (3-5 on average, for me for example).

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