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Thread: The Big Odin Scam!

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    The Big Odin Scam!

    The latest update that introduced the fusion sylph, Odin, at a cost of $250, has been rigged by developers to give the worst skills available.

    All players who have made Odin are getting the exact same skill set, although the description reads the player will get a random set of skills.

    This results in the player being forced to spend many hundreds of dollars, even over $1000, to repair the sylph to make it usable.

    We reported this to game management, and they have refused to fix their product.

    We demand that gaea fix this sylph immediately to match the description of the product they are selling, and stop scamming their best customers.

    Please see attached images. I could supply even more images of other people that have made also!

    We are all getting fuxd!!!!!


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    ODIN Issue

    I have to agree with you also, I am one of the people that got screwed and have a useless ODIN atm, I fused mine last week and got the EXACT skills that you show above also, I notified my MoD Jabarenzo immediately, and he told me to post a ticket about the issue, as he thought there wasnt a major issue as of yet, but after seeing my SS of my skills he agreed there had to be....I spent and ADDITIONAL 24k to try to fix my skills to no avail....I spent an additional 24k and lost a skill due to it overwrote the one skill...I have heard from other that have spent up to WTF!!!!!! I have sent my ticket in and have yet to get a reply other then the standard following:

    Dear Player,

    We know your ticket is extremely important to you and we are trying to resolve your issue as soon as possible. We want you to know that you are not forgotten and we ask for a bit more patience in this matter and hope to have an answer for you as soon as possible.


    Gaea Mobile

    Now this weekend, rather then fix the issue they offer an event that allows the person to FUSE paying 200k ...and then if they spend 45k you get 16 skill chest for you slyph....and many more items in the event....IS THIS THERE FIX???? Give more items to allow them to get the skills that are needed???? What about the people that already did it???

    Where is the actual support on this issue and when will it be fixed??

    Kakadar Server 24 Knight

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    Hello guys,
    Odin is a thing for companies most loyal customers, not that expensive as i thought, but by god not for free. The most loyal customers paid (mahra and seps for two red sylphs, 300? for Fusion) for odin after they read about 5 random skills. Random! Skills. means we thought to get a playable sylph (with some luck). Company made Odin as weak as possible. Only two attack Skills. No delphic, no bg, wb, ab, gboss rotation possible anymore. We paid to get weak? Hm.... L O L
    Why Odin gets Five Skills? Normally we get three in a new sylph.
    New Skills are expensive and you cant use bound balen.
    I don?t like that way, but it?s ok for one reason.... give us a ?forget? or ?replace? sylph skill feature. Replace a 6 or 15k unbound balen skill isnt acceptable!
    20k to fuse, 42k to 48k for good skills and 4 to 5 Times 1k to forget a skill should be enough cash for the company for one Odin.

    And adding Skills for another 600? recharge without a Chance to learn without luck feels like a slap in the Face.

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    The introduction of Odin as well as hopefully more merged sylph?s in the future was an aspect of Wartune that I personally had been wanting for a long period of time. Sadly due to false descriptions as well as Gaea?s lack of accountability on the issue has left me and many others very disappointed.

    Just like the others who have posted before me I would like to see Gaea accept some responsibility for the misleading information given and work promptly towards a fair resolution on this matter.

    Ben (BounSir S55 US East)

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    Who would've thought, something that the wartune community had been looking forward to for a while and Gaea f@cks it up. After maxing red top tier sylphs and dropping 20k balens to fuse and create odin wasn't enough, you get hooped with skills. The description specifically says random skills yet all Odin's have the same skills in the same order, sh!tty skills at that. The cost for new skills is quite high, considering any can be overwritten anytime you want to add a new one. No word from Gaea on any tickets of course except for the usually generic response. Gaea is really trying to f@ck the cashers over on this one.

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    Wow and no response, big surprise. Nothing from Gaea and the new and improved roy\starbuck goof with all their promises, nothing from the zero council or from the big bad moderators. This forum is as big of a joke as the developer itself

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    poor you

    did you expect something else freom Gaea ?

    - closing gap between players
    - what costed 6000 dollars is now free (closing cap)

    Where do we can grab money..right..fusion sylphs

    Ohw now the big spenders just got kicked in their nuts..
    Let that be lets say 100 persons..who spend each month 1000 euro to stay in top
    You ve met the grabbing money system...milk them out...maybe they stop

    Group 2 after those 100 persons..maybe 300 persons
    see their opportunity and starts spending more

    Etc , etc...all starts spending more

    Oh wait..the description says...... did you look at the terms of description of the game ???
    Gues not, i bet you..the developpers have all rights to change what they like

    So the scam is not a scam if 0,00000001% gives perfect skills
    Welcome in the money grabbing game systems

    You think you re special because you spended that much ?
    Others are lined replace you

    Is it fair....nope...welcome in the ............................

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    thanks for report

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