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Thread: 178 part 2

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    178 part 2

    Well just Incase you read these. The lack of interest you all show in server 178, has caused 2 of the biggest spenders to retire. It is only getting worse I presume. I will be retiring soon as well, as I have also lost interest in the game overall. Thank you gaea, For ruining a once amazing pass time, for players worldwide.

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    This also applies for server 179

    Get it together, it?s simple code people. If you want players to spend. Give us something to spend for. Simple

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    FS tells us the server is experimental. What the hell does that mean?? After a year we don't have much to show for our wait...gear and gems suck, and many game options are not activated as yet. I thought this was supposed to end up being a regular server. So I was told...seems no one really knows, especially FS.

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