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Thread: Game crashon logging

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    Angry Game crashon logging

    Since 8h30 server time, it is impossible to enter the game.

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    Again the same ****!!!

    I can not believe, how the same problem happens again. Two weeks ago, the same problem and STILL no reaction or compensation from it! We lost a whole freaking day!!!

    I am just thinking about, what would happen if that issue would be on the sever group with the highest cashing rate. I bet that would be fixed in seconds.

    Anyway, its pretty funny that its just our server group....AGAIN!!

    U guys really want to screw us....

    U got enough money from us, so u dont need to care about us anymore?!

    MageLord Server 48 EU

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    New sunday crash event ?

    Cant logg.
    Thx to be faster than the 'last time.
    And still have 3 lvl7 resistance gems missing from last time.... So hope nothing will desapear this time

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    Not funny and unacceptable

    Enough is enough Gaea!!

    Second Sunday in less than a month that our WHOLE server group can NOT log on game 😡

    This is unacceptable and even worse that u do NOT have any support staff working on a Sunday! Wartune is online 24/7 so u should have a customer service team working 24/7!!

    We are still waiting on compensation from the last time this happened AND now it?s happened again!!

    To loose a day of game play is huge, two wbosses, day farming in sanctuary, sylph boss, NOT making diamond sylph arena cos we miss all our attempts, so we loose our rewards!! We loose a lot of rewards because we can?t kill the bosses on Sunday in guildboss, so not only do we loose those rewards but we also get less from the overall ranking too! Then we loose ALL rewards from daily events too... adv Mahra event, sep event etc...

    U really need to sort this out and give us the correct compensation for what we are missing! It?s totally YOUR fault! Once was bad, twice is taking the piss!!


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    And again Server 61 down

    Same Problem here tryed on some different Smartphones.
    For what do we have this Forum if there is No one from Gaea Reading this?
    For what do we have this Usless Heroes Assembly if No one from them Reading this or contact Gaea?
    Is it true that some of them become a lot of free balens? If its true than for what ? They doing nothing. 😡

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    Game crash on start up

    Again and again,
    You have some things against our servers.
    Why others servers are working, if it's us servers you would give them compensation?
    And here you will still say that the servers are working well.

    Thanks very much.

    Ps : in 2 weeks same problem or not?

    Zina s63

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