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Thread: have fun

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    have fun

    After 5 years of play have fun...i stop..
    The first 3 1/2 was fun...bit of money invested..and got hooked up on the game
    Lol i was stupid enough to invest money for an orange sylph..
    But took me to the 1-20, then kabam sold the game, loved was not only about money..but also tactics

    Was kabam good ?
    Lol hard to say, remember the disasters they had
    The big dissaster they had, the big roll back...
    But difference they communicated with the players

    The game was sold
    Within a year:
    - investment for a orange sylph was destroyed by Gaea
    - investment for a red sylph destroyed
    - no communication with players
    - players banned in bg
    - faults ignored in sylph arena
    - its only about money grabbing

    Odin was brought in next you will see fusion off other sylphs ( think 50% of what odin costs)
    Again only money..................

    I had a fun time playing this game
    Hated ofc when i was killed by stronger players
    But special thanks to all my in game friends

    Maikeln/ maik69

    And yes are a special one....looool

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    Good luck

    Your contribution to the Wartune community as well as your sense of humor will be missed.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Ben (BounSir S55 US East)

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