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Thread: What does it take to become a moderator

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    What does it take to become a moderator

    Just wondering what it takes to be a moderator or a server representative?

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    There are no set guidelines for this, but previous experience as moderator in other gaming related communities is a big plus; understanding the game in-depth and good attention to detail is required, but I believe the most important thing is to show initiative and get involved, help your guild, server and friends from different servers when they run into game related issues; report bugs, verify if a reported bug is related to the game or user's device, test and confirm proposed solutions and provide objective feedback - all these should help increase your presence and chances to be considered as a moderator. Bonus points if you can create quality game related content (videos, articles on the forum) - guides, theory crafting, game analysis etc.

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    Rhea has given a great description ! To that I would like to add: humility, empathy and almost infinite patience, to be able to offer moral support when players are frustrated, and to be able to take it on the chin and not hit back
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