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Thread: lvl 12 gem scrolls

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    lvl 12 gem scrolls

    lvl 10-12 gem scrolls are too rare. a while back you made dual gems available to everyone. Up to now i have yet to find a lvl 12 gem scroll so i can only dream about lvl 12 dual gems.
    some statistics. I run 3 accounts. I do tormented on a daily basis for over 6 months on all 3 accounts. Thats close to 500 attempts or possibly more. Only 1 account has been lucky enough to get a lvl 12 scroll drop. Thats insane. im not going to wait another year for both other accounts to receive them too. Im close to having spare 11 gems.

    my suggestion, make lvl 12 gem scrolls permanently available in the crypt shop for 20k crypt tokens with the requirement to have completed tormented necropolis.

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    M?me probl?me sur le compte de mon mage alors que sur mon archer j'en ai d?j? eu en double voir triple

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    to illustrate the idiocy of these random drops. Since this post i found 3 lvl 12 scrolls. Two on a toon that already found 3 different 12 gems scrolls, and luckily 1 for a toon that had none.

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