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Thread: bad events

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    bad events

    hello team of wartune hall of heroes I am here to complain that this is already the third time that comes repeated event of soul seal and upgrade rune, because the event is only giving to fragments of will shards and crystal shards, being that in servers as s1 ~ s94 are gaining crystal shards, crystal shards bag gold and soul seal leaving agent in many disadvantages in the game with respect to pvp and this discourages any player to fix this look more to servers 95, 96 and 97

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    You realize that being on a "newer" server means different kinds of events. They're not bad events, just start up events.

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    lol everyone has maxed soulseal in those servers, its a wasted event slot really.

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    worst game forum

    This forum is dying,no announcements for mt or next event,this is the worst forum ive ever seen!!!

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