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Thread: The 4th Anniversary is at Hand!

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    The 4th Anniversary is at Hand!


    We are happy to announce that Heroes of Camelot is about to hit its 4th anniversary!

    Since 2013, across the length of breadth of Camelot, against all that is evil - we have fought. And you were never alone in this fight, as many brave heroes have come to your aid in the dark times.

    Speaking of which, as we celebrate the 4th anniversary of HoC, we have rallied some heroic figures to aid your cause, like Celestial Geraint, Merprincess, and more!

    4th anniversary.jpg

    Event time: 7:00, Oct 16 to 23:59, Oct 23 (UTC)

    Five types of Anniversary Seals have been scattered all across Camelot:

    1. In the Normal Avalon, the daily cap of red Seals is 10.
    2. 4th Anniversary Arena opens 8 times during the event, and each one lasts for 24 hours.
    3. Each 4th Anniversary Chest contains one Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/White Seal randomly with no limitation.

    Once you have enough Seals, you can exchange them for cards of your choice.
    The exchange shop expires on Oct 25. Please exchange your Seals before the exchange closed to avoid inconveniences.
    If you have unused Seals after the event is over, you can exchange them for Summon Stones.

    Thanks again for your continuous support in the last four years! Together, we are heading to a glorious future!

    HoC Team
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