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Thread: Patch 7.3 Discussion - share your feedback, first impressions and tips

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    Lightbulb Patch 7.3 Discussion - share your feedback, first impressions and tips

    Please post here your first impressions related to new game content, quick tips, observations and feedback.

    For game problems, crashes and other issues please consult THIS THREAD instead.

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    7.3 problems

    hi rhea

    im sure alot of people have sent messages to you but this is serious. i cannot log in, losing tons of rewards. i see there is consecutive log in today where i can get genius seals or something like that which can be exchanged for light and dark slyphs. what if this problem is not fixed today then i will be missing out on these rewards. alot of us that cannot log in are being robbed of rewards and its unfair as we dedicate alot of time to get stronger to enjoy this game more. no one from gaea is saying nothing and we need answers on when this problem can and will be fixed. with update 7.0 i could not pay a whole week.

    calmon server 77
    device: samsung galaxy tab gt6200 android version 4.1.2

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    How is the reward system in Boss kill in sanctuary??
    I was in a team and I only got 2 chests and my team mates got 2 + 5 chests...
    How? And why?

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    Sylph inventory problem

    Hi, my char is Sirtiger from s72, i recently upgraded my eve to hercules and now im trying to put all the equipment again but everytime i try to open the inventory of the sylph games crashs. I hope i can get the help cuz i just made a recharge and cant enjoy the upgrade.

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    what is thwe reward

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