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Thread: Patch 7.3 - Bugs, glitches and problems thread

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    7.3 problems

    hi leviathan

    im sure alot of people have sent messages to you but this is serious. i cannot log in, losing tons of rewards. i see there is consecutive log in today where i can get genius seals or something like that which can be exchanged for light and dark slyphs. what if this problem is not fixed today then i will be missing out on these rewards. alot of us that cannot log in are being robbed of rewards and its unfair as we dedicate alot of time to get stronger to enjoy this game more. no one from gaea is saying nothing and we need answers on when this problem can and will be fixed. with update 7.0 i could not pay a whole week.

    calmon server 77
    device: samsung galaxy tab gt6200 android version 4.1.2

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    Bug on boss sanctuary

    Jelena on serv 77eu

    Life of boss cannot decrease with more over 5-6 atk

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    So the biggest glitch/bug I have noticed is when farming mobs in sanctuary. They don't respawn nearly fast enough for starters. If another player takes the mob, visually it still appears on the screen causing players to click empty mobs. This really effects auto farming, as once the mobs on a lvl are cleared auto farming sometimes glitches out and toons are left standing still not collecting. With the amount of players trying to use this clearing the respawn mobs takes only a few minutes. Also trying to access the cross server rankings list freezes the game, forcing you to relog.

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    I reported his over a year ago

    Quote Originally Posted by senglongii View Post
    please FIX Triton Ice Shield skill becouse its not protect front row allies its only protect triton it self. i hav report this to Wartune: Hall of Heroes page about 2months ago they said they will fix it in new patch 7.3 and now its stil not fix. im SenglongII from s91
    Sent about 10 tickets screen shots etc give up now save frustration same thing with every following sylph attack preventing block. Only specific skills are supposed to make this happen multiple tickets screen shots then I got ignored. Same with slow in pvp.

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    Sactuary Bosses stuck

    The sactuary Bosses seems a bit buggy...
    I am stuck in bossfight although the Boss is already dead... Can't leave even sactuary... Fix that pls
    Aotearoa Server 77

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    Since sanctuary has been added I have now not only once but twice been caught in the chamber boss glitch, this is so frustrating as the last time it happened was on finals day for Eternal Wars. The customer service representative, if you can call him that, acts as if he has no knowledge of this or care. The first time it happened I had an overwhelming amount of events that I missed. Then of course the second time events plus eternal wars finals. Now this morning I try and get on my account and it won't even log me in, acts as if my username and account don't even exist. I was farming minions in sanctuary when my room disconnected at I'm unsure what time. This is truly becoming out of hand and enough is enough. Why are we continuing to add things to the game when other items aren't even fixed? Why if glitches are known are we not informed so we can avoid them until the problem is solved. I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to see me go and I honestly feel that that's what needs to be the overall outcome as I can't keep working on my toon to never have access to it.

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    Hi please fix
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    Unhappy hi

    I cant see anything in sanctuary shop,its just dark and no item.
    Already repair the files but still the same,please help me.

    Mirajane s97

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    Magic pot

    Magic pot events cannot receive the open rewards S97 Carrasco

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carrasco View Post
    Magic pot events cannot receive the open rewards S97 Carrasco
    Have also encountered this on S97 TheMerlen. Shows the green reward banner but none of the tiers display as Able to be claimed. The balen count is also quite a bit off (151613112 shown as having been spent). Hoping this can be resolved. Expect other users besides Carrasco and myself have encountered this.

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