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Thread: Patch 7.3 - Bugs, glitches and problems thread

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    Exclamation Patch 7.3 - Bugs, glitches and problems thread

    Please post here with any problems and issues related to updating your game client and game bugs you encounter in the new game version.

    If you discover anything interesting related to the new content please discuss it in THIS THREAD.
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    Cant enter

    When try open game the app crash before even into the game go fix

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    EU server 42/33 go black after login. No problems so far with US server.

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    update 7.3 not working

    After downloading files, the game doesnt start, it return to the start screen. No one in my guild can enter as well. Please fix
    Kilme2015 server 42 eu

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    Black screen

    Updated new version on both my devices. It updated files but when I try to log in in get a black screen

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    Black screen after update to 7.3

    After update I cant enter to my main account lvl 80 server 76 ?nikost33. But if I start a new its ok no problem... but I do want my main acount......

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    Missing event and items

    Server 96 has sylph seal exchange but no event to gain the Genesis seals to exchange for a sylph seal. Also, I had 170 legendary lvl 70 stones in my inventory before patch. I logged on this morning and I'm missing my legendary Stones. I only have 10 from the epic miraculous exchange I did this morning.

    S96 IGN: ?ilith

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    On my accounts it keeps saying log in entry closed? What exactly does this mean?

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    Triton Ice Shield Skill

    please FIX Triton Ice Shield skill becouse its not protect front row allies its only protect triton it self. i hav report this to Wartune: Hall of Heroes page about 2months ago they said they will fix it in new patch 7.3 and now its stil not fix. im SenglongII from s91

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    7.3 problems

    hi leviathan

    im sure alot of people have sent messages to you but this is serious. i cannot log in, losing tons of rewards. i see there is consecutive log in today where i can get genius seals or something like that which can be exchanged for light and dark slyphs. what if this problem is not fixed today then i will be missing out on these rewards. alot of us that cannot log in are being robbed of rewards and its unfair as we dedicate alot of time to get stronger to enjoy this game more. no one from gaea is saying nothing and we need answers on when this problem can and will be fixed. with update 7.0 i could not pay a whole week.

    calmon server 77
    device: samsung galaxy tab gt6200 android version 4.1.2

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