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Thread: Patch 7.3 - Bugs, glitches and problems thread

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    Bug on boss sanctuary

    Jelena on serv 77eu

    Life of boss cannot decrease with more over 5-6 atk

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    So the biggest glitch/bug I have noticed is when farming mobs in sanctuary. They don't respawn nearly fast enough for starters. If another player takes the mob, visually it still appears on the screen causing players to click empty mobs. This really effects auto farming, as once the mobs on a lvl are cleared auto farming sometimes glitches out and toons are left standing still not collecting. With the amount of players trying to use this clearing the respawn mobs takes only a few minutes. Also trying to access the cross server rankings list freezes the game, forcing you to relog.

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    I reported his over a year ago

    Quote Originally Posted by senglongii View Post
    please FIX Triton Ice Shield skill becouse its not protect front row allies its only protect triton it self. i hav report this to Wartune: Hall of Heroes page about 2months ago they said they will fix it in new patch 7.3 and now its stil not fix. im SenglongII from s91
    Sent about 10 tickets screen shots etc give up now save frustration same thing with every following sylph attack preventing block. Only specific skills are supposed to make this happen multiple tickets screen shots then I got ignored. Same with slow in pvp.

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