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Thread: Game freezes

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    Here we go again!

    Freeze fixed apparently? Update happens soon after for pumpkin seeds - 13 updates. All good until the last one - now can't get in at all! FFS, you bunch of SOS! I'm about done with the BS you Tuesday's keep pulling on peeps just trying to play the game! Glad I (by your incompetence) can't gem - saves me coin and costs you. Fix it or ESAD

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    Game won't start after update

    Had to update, after update game starts to load then shuts down after 30 sec

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    Incompetent modafaakers go from 1 fail to the next fail can you actually do 1 damn thing right at all ???????????????????????
    Bla bla bla talk to celina shes the boss im just daddy playing the game

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    Crash at log in

    So I get 3 updates it updates the first 2 won't update the last one and constantly crashes for the last 24 hours can we get a fix for this please!

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    Locked out for over 24 hours, back in now but its means i missed a log in day and cant get gems from log in bouns at end of the month.

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    Going on 50 hours locked out

    Well still can't log on multiple uninstalls and reinstalls and still the same get to last update and game crashes wow so much fun missing out on daily and quests come on and fix this !!!

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    Release last night

    They created a release last night that split an update from one to two separate files. We believe that by deleting, and reinstalling the game, players on older devices will have access. Try it yourself, and let support know if you still have issues after today. (Make it clear that this is after 10-23-2017) Thanks

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