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Thread: Events disappearing

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    Well at least you guys did get back to work this morning by extending the comps and providing some missed prizes. At least for me, the compensation adequately addresses what i missed. But i'm sure there are others that didn't get what they put into it.

    Is it really too much to ask for an in game mail stating the issues and what you are doing to address them at the time problems occur? How much administrative time does that take you? However, that is how you've handled the game since you took it over. Why should i expect anything less.

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    The compensation was awful, i put in so much time and missed out on so much more and i didnt get a chance to reclaim on any of the comps i was involved in.

    Its funny how my account on android which i dont gem crap compo but on my ipad where i spend a bit i got so much more.

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