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Thread: Valliant Chest

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    Valliant Chest

    Gud day gm,moderator.. Im knightmare at s94 and this is my case.. Sir i havent recieve any valliant chest this week sir,, even the guild boss take down i havent gain any reward chest,, pls help me about this sir. Hope for your answer sir.. Knightmare s94.

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    Hi Knightmare, have you tried emptying your game emails? Select them all, collect all items, gold, daru etc and then delete emails; after you do that you need to log off and log back into the game, you should start receiving items delivered by email to you (including he Valiant Chests and Guild Boss takedown prizes).

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    Thanks for the help,, i have them all now^_^.. Im just so dumb,,lol,, thanks again,,

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