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Thread: Astrals Crashing Game

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    Astrals Crashing Game

    I've has this problem forever, but I'm starting to get seriously annoyed of it. I explained in great detail what my problem was to the Support Team, but they gave me ways to fix the problem that I told them I already tried. The problem is that anytime I try to view/move/upgrade an astral, my game will sometimes crash. After it crashes I won't be able to get back into the game because I will have an infinite loading screen. I have tried multiple ways of resolving this issue. I've tried reinstalling the game, I've tried clearing my cache, I've tried just about everything. I even got a new phone, but the problem still exists, so I'm guessing this is a problem that I'm not alone in having. If any of you brilliant minds out there could possibly come up with the reason for why this is happening, then that would be great.
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    So I decided to uninstall the app, and now when I try to open it and the in-app download starts it just crashes. I literally can't play. I've tried just about everything to fix it.

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    We are aware of the file download crash problem for some players; to get around this, choose a new server, make a low BR toon and manually download the files from the settings; that should take care of the problem - hope this helps.

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