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Thread: Patch 7.3 Introduction/Gossip - Pray

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    Exclamation Patch 7.3 Introduction/Gossip - Pray

    Hello Community!

    With Patch 7.3 a new feature will/should arrive in the world of Wartune HoH:


    1. One free attempt per day, then it costs prayer cards or balens
    2. Please select a praying item before entering your prayer. You will have a chance
    to win this item at 5am when the result is revealed.
    3. The more you pray, the higher chance you have to win that item.

    Stay tuned for more content reveal to come!!

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    Did this ever get released?

    Was this left out of the update or am I just missing something?

    xxoo BrendaDoll/Deathbed

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    didnt find that tab either.

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